Drugs are everywhere.  Some think they should be legal.  Three world leaders want to make it happen. Until one of them is assassinated. Disgraced MI6 spymaster Madeleine Wraye knows just the man to track a killer and keep the remaining two reformers alive.  But her exceptional protégé, Simon Arkell, hasn't been seen in nine years.  The Day of the Jackal meets Tinker, Tailor in an explosive mix of espionage, conspiracy, narcotics and betrayal.  

"Elegant and ingenious — a spy story in the grand tradition" – Daily Mail

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The world’s greatest ocean race is about to begin.  A boy claiming to be a prophet warns of disaster.  Trouble is, he’s already demonstrated unsettling foresight.  With over a thousand lives at risk, is it reckless to dismiss his warning?  As the crews prepare to set out across perilous Bass Strait, coastguard Petra Woods must put aside her own scepticism and confront the dreadful possibility that the boy named Moses might be right.

"His best yet... a one-sitting read" – Sunday Express

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Benjamin Sword Hoppner, philanthropist and visionary, has created his own utopia in the Central American cloud forests, governed by a strict moral code. He's promised financial support to anyone who can satisfy him of their good character. And Mark Weston is determined to do exactly that. Journeying through country still devastated by war, Mark reaches Hoppner's isolated "perfect society", only to discover that his generosity comes with terrible strings attached.

"Hard to put down" – TimeOut

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Mandanzi, Africa. Paradise on earth. Ben knows that nothing this good comes free. But he's prepared to pay the price. What seems on the surface to be a passionate holiday with his lover is, in fact, the first crucial stage of some ground-breaking research. Ben and his renowned Oxford professor are on the brink of developing a cure for that most disturbing illness - sickness of the mind. Lying on the beach with the bewitching Cara, Ben finds it easy to forget the real purpose of his trip to Africa. Until paradise turns to hell, and suddenly he realises that all the rules he thought he was playing by no longer apply.

"An ingenious thriller" – The Times

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